Central Washington's Place for Installation & Service

of all Stove and Fireplace Applications.

Interested in finding a job? Great! However this is a VERY labor intensive industry. Working in all weather, heavy, fast paced, and sometimes dirty work. If you can handle it then please let us know. If you:

    • are proficient with tools

    • are steady on ladders

    • are not afraid of heights

    • are a fast learner

    • are willing to do all that is asked of you (even "menial" work)

    • have construction experience

    • are neat & organized

    • have reliable transportation

    • have a valid drivers licence

    • can lift over 100#

    • can put on a set of truck chains

    • can show up on time and stay on schedule

    • can start early, or work late when needed

If you can say yes to all of these,..

Please call me right now, we need you!

If you can answer most of these,...

Send in an application, we'll talk!

If you can only say yes to a couple of these or none of them,...

Then sorry this is the wrong stop for you,..... keep looking.

Alan Bentley (Owner/Installer/Scheduling)